Technology – Jailbreaking 101

In July 2010, the US Library of Congress deemed it perfectly within the rights of the owner to “jailbreak” their apple products. But what is jailbreaking?

Simply put, its a way of opening up the software so as to allow the use of non-Apple apps and software. The term jailbreak comes from the hacker subculture’s belief that Apple is totally against letting people mess with their products(figuratively they put their products in a sort of software jail cell). It is up to you whether to jailbreak or not.


  • Multi Tasking on older generations of iPod Touch
  • A LOT more games(including gameboy and other systems using emulators)
  • Many more apps some of which are pretty neat
  • Custom themes for buttons and backgrounds


  • If you are using an iPhone this might void your contract or warranty
  • Apple store employees won’t like you and might not help you very much
  • Can slow down your iPod/iPhone/iPad

In my next post I will show how to jailbreak an iPod Touch(its basically the same for all the products though except maybe the iPad).