Finals are approaching fast

You may be unaware but finals are coming up quickly. For some, this may mean a big increase in your grade, and for others it may be a dreaded date. Inevitably, Friday,December 17 is the first day of finals.That day hour 1, 2, and 7 will have finals taken. Then Monday, December 20 will have 3 and 4 hour finals; while Tuesday, December 21 will be the 5 and 6 hour finals.

Students seem to be confident in the upcoming finals.

“No, [I am not worried about finals],” sophomore Chad Conaty said, “We usually spend a week studying.”

Teachers are preparing students for finals to the best of their ability.

“I’ve been preparing my classes for finals since the first day that they walked into my classroom,” english teacher Diane Fingers said.

As this is a nervous time for students, teacher’s jobs also are at stake.

“I think [that classes are ready for finals],” Fingers said, “I hope so. They better be, because they [finals] will happen.”

By Jason Michalski