Essential iPhone Apps Part 2

With the pending blizzard activity going on outside I would like to share a few more of the apps that I find to be indispensable. The first of these is the Facebook app, and while it has a few bugs the newer updates have rendered it much more user-friendly. And along with Facebook comes the Twitter app which is very nice, the interface is easy to use and very simple. Together these apps allow anyone to stay socially connected with friends and family as well as aware of breaking news or the latest gossip, whichever you prefer.

As far as movie apps go IMDb seems to me to be the best. This app allows you to do more than just any movie app. Instead of the usual movie lookup you can also read reviews, look up information about pretty much anything that has a screenplay, and find out who is playing who, which seems to be a very common predicament when watching movies with chatty friends. You know the friends who just keep on talking over the important dialogues of the movies.

Games for the iPhone though seem to be the most popular of all the apps. I am not going to dictate which games are the best because that depends almost exclusively on the person in question; however, I will tell you apps that I enjoy. One of these games is Fruit Ninja; in this game you cut fruit. It is simple but enjoyable. Another is Cut the Rope, a puzzling game that seems simple, but is actually somewhat challenging. The last is Angry Birds. This may seem like an obvious choice, but there is a reason that it is such a popular game; it is addicting.