FHSD revises 2010-2011 calendar due to excessive weather cancellations

Snow has fallen and ice has stuck, causing a total of eight snow days, seven of which have been this semester. There’s a law saying students are required to be in school a certain amount of days therefore, snow make-up days are in the future. There have been a lot of rumors and uncertainties going around but here are some quick facts to clear them up.

  • The state requires us to make up snow days.
  • School will (as of now) be in schedule until June 1.
  • We will have school the Monday after Easter (April 25)
  • We will have school March 25 (and parent teacher conferences will NOT be held this spring)
  • We will have school the first Friday of Spring Break (March 11)
  • If we receive another snow day (#9), the next make up day will be June 2.
  • If yet another snow day(#10) occurs, we will make it up the first Monday of Spring Break (March 14)
  • If more snow days occur after that, the days will not have to be made up.
  • School will not go past June 2.

More information can be found here on the FHSD website.

story by Coleen Grone