Warm weather effects clothing choices

This is a number that I’m sure many people are enjoying, 65, especially because I know i am. 65 is the highest temperature we have seen in a long time. This also means that within the last few days we have seen much more skin then there has been in a long time. Now I understand it has been warm and nice out but I wonder if people still realize that there is still snow on the ground.

Yes I would love to be able to put away the jeans and long sleeve shirts but honestly I don’t think it is nearly warm enough for that. I see some people walking around dressed as if it were 90 degrees outside. Not only is the temperature not high enough but some of the clothing I have seen is just plain wrong even if it were 90 degrees.

So although I know we would all love to be able to wear shorts, it is still February. I honestly hope it is not true but I feel like with the way people are dressing and getting over excited we are going to jinx the weather and it will soon turn bitter cold again. A little advice would be just don’t pack away the sweaters just yet.