Happiness- Kick Back and Relax

I’m sure you’re reading this right now in some kind of uncomfortable way. You may be sitting up too straight or you could be practically out of your chair, but try to find a happy medium. This week’s blog is about comfort both physically and mentally.

When you wake up and are getting ready for the day, make sure you plan out where you’ll be going and what the weather will be like for that particular day. If you are in the mood on a cold day to sweatsuit it up, then dress down. No worries. If you have an important job interview the next day, make sure to look a little bit more classy. Dressing accordingly to your day makes you feel comfortable with yourself and your surroundings.

Being familiar with your surroundings also provides a mental comfort zone for yourself. The more accustomed you are to your surroundings, the more you feel “at home”. So view some building layouts or pretend getting lost with a map to simply familiarize yourself to an area.

Unclench those fingers a bit and take some deeper breaths. Hanging out just a bit more will you help a lot, I promise. So kick back and relax into your own comfort zone.

By Ryan Gannon