Summer school serves up credits for students

By Kayla Lewis

Students who are looking to make up extra credits they need or lost have no fear, summer school has arrived. Summer school this school year will be broken up into two semesters were students can gain up to two credits. First semester starts on June 6 through June 21 and second semester is June 21 through July 1.

“(Students should take summer school) to recover credit that they have lost in school or if they want to be ahead,” Jani Wilikins said.

Summer School offers many courses that you would find in regular school including personal finance, science, math, physical wellness and many more. The courses offered are allowed to all students in all grades.

“Students who have failed classes often need summer school to advance to the next level in sequential courses like math and science,” Counselor Tom Daugherty said.

Students who are interested in special courses such as Tech, extra credit may be required, which students can gain in summer school.

“In certain cases if a student is going to tech school or Lewis and Clark they have to pick up extra credit,” Daugherty said.