Size isn’t everything to Cornett

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Our society seems to over do it sometimes. If it’s not bigger then it’s not better. Isn’t the saying, “the best things come in a small package?”

Take man’s best friend for example. People strongly dislike little dogs solely based on their size. They are no less of an animal than a dog that weighs 100 pounds. It doesn’t end there. People think that just because they are driving a big, old, honking SUV that they are so much better then everyone else on the road.

It’s at the point that people’s “bigger-is-better” complex is costing them serious money. Now you can find $500 coffee-makers on the market. All that money and it still only makes the same coffee as the $50 machine. It better be able to sing and dance for me if it costs that much. Sometimes people just need to step back and think about the logic of their ideas.


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