Districts new setup

Unlike years past, the switch into second semester will be more complicated then usual due to the new system that will be taking effect.

“From everything that I’ve heard, the new system is to protect the kids’ electives,” Shelly Parks, English teacher, said.

Next semester students will be switched around in certain core classes (English, Math, History, and Science) Supposedly, Infinite Campus is to blame for the students’ new-found need to protect their electives is due to a mix up regarding schedules.

“It’s a pain in the butt because it makes things hectic. I would just prefer to have all my kids all the way through the year,” Science teacher Joe Brocksmith said.

The new system offers department chairs the ability to have two free periods instead one. This allows them to only have to teach five out of the seven periods, where as the other teachers have to continue to teach six classes.

“I don’t think that the system effects just one department of teachers, it effects all teachers,” Parks said.

Aside from the shifting of schedules, students are forced to make even bigger moves regarding teachers.

“I think the biggest problem is the relationship with the students and teachers, because teachers spend all semester with students and they learn to like them and their different learning styles,” Math teacher Pam Stratton said.