North Star Take: Announcements

Today’s youth demands information like never before. They want it fast, accessible and, above all, they want it easy. With this in mind, FHN revamped the announcement system five months ago. Now, students have access to information in a plethora of ways created with a teenager in mind. Despite this, there has been an out cry since this change of reverting back to the old ways. Students want the traditional morning announcements back, and it is puzzling as to why this is. With school information available in more ways than ever before, it must be that teenagers are simply lazy.

Not all high school students are lazy. Many balance classes, sports and clubs with a finesse few possess. These are the students that want to find out information, and they have adapted to the new system. However, there are a large portion of students who, when it comes to finding out information, turn into couch potatoes. School information is available in more ways than ever, and with all these different ways to find out what is going on, students shouldn’t have a problem finding information.

Yet they do. They are too lazy to look the information up. It’s not that much work to pick up a phone, sit down at a computer or watch a TV screen while eating lunch. It does, however, take much extra time and effort to spoon-feed the information in the form of morning announcements.

And that concerted effort would be fine, except morning announcements are anything but effective. Listening to them is a challenge in the first place. When announcements begin, chatter begins as well. Then the bell rings. If it’s hard to hear the announcements over the din in one classroom, it is impossible to hear them over the roar in the hallways. Second, the announcements are not time efficient. This year, FHSD worked to make class time equal for each class period. Announcements during first hour hamper that equilibrium. While taking away five minutes from first hour every day may not seem like a big deal, that small chunk of time adds up. That’s 25 minutes less class time a week- enough time for a class discussion, a review game or a test.

For these reasons, announcements must be available in ways other than the intercom. With all the new sources of information, the school has made a huge stride in that direction. If students utilize these sources, they should be able to successfully obtain the information they desire.

However, if students still feel like something is lacking, perhaps it is the the fault of specific groups. One of the best ways to provide information about a specific club or group at FHN is through social media. Student Council and the FHN library do this with Twitter, and DECA,  National Honor Soceity, Drum line and Hockey use Facebook. Students can find out about meetings and events specific to these groups through social media. If more clubs at FHN followed in these footsteps, information will become easily accessable to those specifically seeking it.

Without the morning announcements, FHN students have to take upon themselves the burden of finding information and providing information to others. Announcements at North are better than ever, and if students take the time to use the improved systems instead of reminiscing about the old ways, they will see everything that this new information system has to offer.