Students remember 8th grade Chicago trip


As the students run to the large glass windows that line the observation deck, the clouds begin to clear. In an almost picture perfect moment, the crowded Chicago skyline becomes clear and the room is filled with awe. After the students have their short look at the view, they begin to slowly file down the elevators. Then, as the last few kids are heading out, getting their last minute pictures, they catch a glance of the thin white clouds racing off of Lake Michigan, swirling around the city as the sun lights the room. This memory is one they will never forget.

“It’s a great opportunity to go do something outside of school with friends,” senior Cole Kinnard said.

Every year at Barnwell Middle School, the eighth grade students and teachers get an amazing opportunity that creates lifelong memories. The school teachers came together in the ‘80s to devise a reward for well behaved students, and came up with an annual trip to Chicago. All they needed was a good record in order to attend.

“My favorite part of the trip was getting stuck in the hotel room with Kevin Beerman and all my other roommates while the bus was waiting,” senior Heather Hale said.

Later, the trip became so well known that Brian Middle School’s teachers requested to send students and teachers on the trip. From then on, students from Brian and Barnwell went on the non-school sanctioned trip. Kids on the trip went to the Willis (previously Sears) Tower “Sky deck”, where they could enjoy the beautiful Birdseye view of downtown Chicago. They also visited the science museum, the Navy Pier, the Shedd Aquarium and the famous Gino’s East Pizza.

This year, the trip will likely take place in January or February. Just like the twenty years the trip has been tradition. In the past, it has always been filled with unique events that create memories for the years to come. This year is expected to be no different: a memory filled, and exciting as ever before, and another class will get to stand far above the clouds, standing in the same spot at the Sears Tower sky deck that so many others have before.

“I had never gone on a school sanctioned trip before, and I had to save up my own money to go,” said junior Christina Desalvo. “It was just an overall good experience.”