The Missouri Botanical Garden Orchid Show

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On Jan 28, the 94th annual Orchid Show started at the Missouri Botanical Garden and runs all the way to March 25.The event is of limited time within the day going from 9 am to 5pm.

“We have one of the largest and oldest orchids in the country,” said Karen Hill, whose been working in the public relations department at the garden for 10 years now.

This year, the Botanical Garden is celebrating China. The area is covered with silk lanterns, and throughout the garden, and a wide array of colors let odd by the orchids.

“In the winter everything is dreary,” Hill said, “and you get to come here and see some wonderful flowers.

These ravishing orchids change from a white hue to a violet, a sunny yellow, and a cool tone of red. They are small, delicate flowers .The Missouri Botanical Garden’s ,which is one of the top 3 in the world, orchid collection is one of the largest in the country, and holds 8,100 orchid plants. These orchids a so rare and unique, that the garden has a man from overseas to come and tend to the flowers.

After the orchid show, there will be a big exhibition called the Lantern Festival which is one of China’s most popular events. The outdoor setups are made out of silk and steel, which will help display the culture of China through elaborate designs and magnificent colors.

Beside the orchids which the garden displays, there are more eye catching plants and “landmarks” within the area. Henry Shaw’s Mausoleum, which holds the original man behind these gardens, is enveloped in a variety of plant life. The Climatron welcomes visitors inside this marvelous greenhouse with a shell of crafted plexiglass recreates a lowland rainforest. Perhaps most familiar with the public is the Japanese Garden, with a large, crystal lake, Asian wildlife, and fish feeding all occurring.

The exhibition will definitely be an event for people to experience.


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