Students show off their talents at 2012 North Street auditions

On March 5 and 6, auditions for this years North Street Coffeehouse took place. In past years, the library has held the Coffeehouse. Due to budget cuts, the show had to be canceled this year. After many students and teachers became disappointed that the show would no longer take place, different clubs at North decided to take charge, and put the show back on.

Students Nathan Compton, Megan Lesinski and Kristen Griffin audition for 2012 Northstreet. The three sang the Boyce Avenue version of the song Teenage Dream.

Sophomore Brittany Steck was disheartened when the show was canceled, because she believes the show is important to many students who look forward to showing off their talents.

“I wasn’t too thrilled about [the coffeehouse]  being cancelled,” Steck said. “I think it’s one of the few opportunities that kids with creative sides have to show this school what they got.”

Junior Nathan Compton auditioned in a group with senior  Megan Lesinski and junior Kristen Griffin. The three sang the Boyce Avenue version of the song Teenage Dream. Compton planned on trying out for the Coffehouse last year, but unfortunately was not able to. After finding out the Coffehouse was originally going to be canceled this year, he was disappointed.

“This year is the year I can finally tryout.” Compton said. “I think our audition went extremely well, we had the judges smiling the entire time.”

StuCo sponsor, Jani Wilkens was a judge at the auditions and felt excited to see the talent many students at North have.

“We had a lot of auditions, and a lot of students who I didn’t expect to see try out did,” Wilkens said. “It’s great that the show is still going to go on, it gives students a chance to showcase their talent.”