High hopes from cheerleading tryouts

Macy Friedman stretches during tryouts that were held on March 9.

FHN cheerleading tryouts were held on March 9. Girls left the tryouts either screaming or crying after finding out what  team they made.

“When I found out I made varsity I was super excited and really proud of myself and [so were] all the other girls,” Macy Friedman said. “We all worked really hard for it.”

Tryouts were held over a five day period. During Monday through Thursday, girls participated in clinics  to practice tumbling, jumps, cheer, chant, and stunts. The clinics were very helpful to the cheerleaders, and allowed the girls to meet new people.

“When I made it I felt like I wasn’t going to be on just a team that didn’t get much respect like freshman,” Ashley Callow said. “I was happy with the good tumblers we got, and being with a lot of my friends and meeting new people.”

At times, the tryouts became nerve-wracking. The girls were expected to always be smiling, to show spirit and be cheerful. During this process, the shyer girls found themselves having to  get out of their shells. After tryouts, the judges left and coaches talked for an hour, discussing who would make what squad.

“When they asked me to judge cheerleading tryouts I was ecstatic because I missed high school cheerleading,” said judge Cassie Wellman.

After the decisions were made, the time came to pass out the envelopes that told the girls whether they made a team or not. Girls who made the cut were excited. Unfortunately, the girls who did not left disappointed.