Preparing for graduation

“We still have to have graduation practice and there’s a lot that goes into actually setting up the stage and getting things ready for that day,” Wade said.

Things about this year’s ceremony are under wraps such as who the graduation marshall will be. In previous years the graduation marshall was Dale Talbot who retired from his position, leaving it to the senior class to elect a new one.

Guest speaker judge Theresa Maher hopes this year’s graduation speech will inspire the graduating seniors.

“We were looking for a speech that connected to the entire class and not just a small group, as well as something that was inspirational and reflective on the last four years,” Maher said.

Senior class president Sarah Teson will be giving the speech.

“I definitely think my speech will connect to the whole class,” Teson said. “I hope it portrays how we’ve all grown together through the years.”

FHN will hold the graduation ceremony at the St. Charles Family Arena on June 2 at 7 p.m. Every year the three high schools alternate between morning, afternoon and evening ceremonies so families can conveniently attend the other schools ceremonies if needed.

Smith and Wade hope to give the graduating class an unforgettable night and reward them their years of hard work.

“It’s a monumental event in someone’s life, it’s a way to give them and their families an event they won’t forget,” Smith said.