Herff Jones hosts anual Ring Ceremony

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On May 17, sophomores who purchased their class rings from Herff Jones attended a ceremony to receive them. During the ceremony, students were called in alphabetical order. After being given their ring, they got to took walk through an life-size inflatable class ring. The ceremony also included breakfast from McDonald’s.

Along with their class ring that they ordered, sophomores received a t-shirt, a ring pop, a necklace with a ring pendant and a box for their ring. After everyone received their ring, students were able to compare their rings to others.

“I liked looking at each other’s rings and seeing what everyone else got,” sophomore Rayna Jacobs said. “I liked comparing styles and seeing how different their ring is from mine.”

Sophomore delegate sponsor Diane Fingers believes this year’s ceremony ran more smoothly compared to previous years due to the lack of students purchasing rings.

“We had plenty of time to carry out the ceremony this year,” Fingers said. “There were less kids who attended.”

In past years, there has usually been around 200 to 250 sophomores who participate in the ceremony. This year, only 151 sophomores were present. Fingers believes that because of economic times, this number has greatly decreased.

“I can’t tell you how many times today I’ve heard kids say ‘I wanted to get one, but we just couldn’t afford it,” Fingers said.

Fingers believes that the rings are special to the students because it’s something they will always appreciate. She thinks that giving students their rings earlier in high school also benefits them.

“It gives the kids extra time to show all that they’ve put on it. I think it’s a really special time for them,” Finger said. “They enjoy it, it’s also a right of passage, some people will wear their rings their entire lives.”

Sophomore class president Caitlyn Gardner believes the ceremony went well and thought everyone who attended enjoyed themselves.

“Everyone seemed to be having a good time,” Gardner said. “I think [the ceremony] is important because it’s a symbol of high school and a memory making experience.”

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Herff Jones hosts anual Ring Ceremony