Optional Intervention Format given one last chance

As second semester finals ramp up, the new implementation of Optional Intervention Format for final half days is brought to attention once more. The 7:20 a.m. – 8:20 a.m. block of time allows students to either come to school during that time to study for finals or sleep in until the first final begins at 8:20 a.m. Students who came early could either go to a teacher’s classroom or go to the Commons. This is the first school year FHN has tried this program with little success first semester.

“What happened was most everybody came early,” Vice Principal Tony Grippi said. “We thought about 400 to 500 would do that. We got about 1000. It just didn’t make for a good situation.”

With only about five staff members to control double the amount of students they expected, things got out of hand. Students were only allowed to stay in the Commons, but ended up bleeding out into hallways and wandering off. The lack of control and surplus of students made for safety hazards.

“This time, I sent out an email to teachers and talked to department chairs,” Grippi said. “Now I’m hearing teachers have talked to kids.”

Grippi thought that better communication with staff and students would make this semester’s Optional Intervention Format run smoother with less kids in the Commons and more either studying or catching up on their sleep. Students not only have the option of a teacher’s classroom, staying home or going to the Commons, but up to 100 students can also go to the library to study.

“I told all of my classes,” Drama and English teacher Jeff Tandler said. “Last semester I had six kids. If I had 30 kids who wanted to study, I’d welcome them with open arms.”

Despite the improved communication and increased awareness of this Optional Intervention Format, if this semester’s final half days go as first semester’s, this program will go into consideration of being dropped and going back to the 30 minute study time before each final.

“I think it’s awesome,” junior Jake Boshears said. “They should definitely keep it next year. If I get to sleep more, I’ll do better on my finals.”