Debate Club: Debating The Zombie Issues

On August 20 and 21, Varsity Speech and Debate students Smitha Milli, Alex Groenweghe, Matt Denno, Matt Schneider, Molly Kube and Tyler Ludwig participated in a “Zombie” debate.

The debate was a way to get students involved in speech and debate and learn more about the Lincoln Douglas style. The students debated on Zombie-related arguments including how disease could be confused for zombieism and how to protect citizens from a future preemptive arrest.

Denno took part in the second day of debate and was on a team with Ludwig. The two debated against Kube and Schneider.

“Our debate wasn’t a very serious topic but some good points were brought up,” student Matt Denno said. “I guess some good points were brought up. The team that we faced was a very strong team but I think we put up a good fight.”

Kube believes that the debate was a successful way to give students a good look into how Speech and Debate works.

“The two main points of the debate were whether or not zombies are created by infection or black magic,” Kube said. “The zombie debate was important because it showed the new people how debate works in a fun way. I think debate is fun but hard and I think everyone did amazing. I think both of the had really good points that were all valid.”

Speech and Debate teacher Theresa Maher thought the debate was a valid showing of what to expect when being apart of the Speech and Debate team.

“I think [the debaters] did a great job at keeping the debate light and creative,” Maher said. “They used analysis and the skills that they learned from last year.”