Chick-fil-A’s CEO’s publicized opinion on LGBT

By Rodney Malone

Recently, the Chick-fil-A Chief Executive Officer Dan Cathy publicized his insensitive opinion on gay marriage. His opinion on gay marriage left the gay and lesbian community and supporters of gay marriage outraged.

I believe gay individuals should have the right to get married. Everyone deserves happiness. Cathy was insensitive to gay employees and customers of Chick-fil-A. He publicized his views very inappropriately. Though everyone is entitled to their opinion, his opinion should not have been publicized on such a large scale. To some, it could’ve come across as an act of hatred.

To show the anger to Cathy’s statement, the gay community scheduled a same-sex kiss day in which gay couples went into Chick-fil-A restaurants and kissed. The gay community has every right to voice their opinion, but I think they went overboard. Even though the statement caught the public’s attention, protesters could’ve found a more effective way to voice their opinion. They could’ve organized a protest march, or just protested outside of the restaurant.

I personally view Cathy’s stance, not as a view of hatred, but as discrimination and prejudice. Even though everyone is entitled to their opinion, I think it shouldn’t always be publicized as Chick-fil-Aʼs.

“Eat more chicken.” Maybe not.