Sports Briefs

By David McFeely

Varsity Soccer

As of press time, Sept. 5, the boys Varsity soccer team has a record of 2-1. The next Varsity game is the big rivalry game against Central on Sept. 13 at 6:00 p.m. at FHC.

“I think we will do pretty good. We are still a young team since we only have two seniors on the team. We still need to learn and work as a varsity team. The season will get better as long as we can get better every single time out.”
-Coach, Larry Scheller

“I think we will do better than last year because every one got stronger, and the chemistry is better.”
-Tyler Walters, 11

“I think we will do good. I think we will win districts if we play as a unit and work hard.”
-Andy Bartell, 12


Girls Tennis

The team strives to keep their undefeated 4-0 record, as of press time, Sept. 5, as they prepare for GAC’s on Sept. 24.

“I think we have a good chance of doing well this year, and we have a good chance of winning GAC’s because we have some good players,” coach Kate Kleiber said.



Squads are preparing for the Yvonna Cole Invitational. The teams will compete on Dec. 1, from 8:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Lindbergh High School.

“We say we always want to feel like we have done our best. If we can stay focused, work hard, and come off the competition floor feeling like we did our absolute best, then our season will be a success,” coach Tammy Rokita said.



The Varsity cheer squad is preparing their competition routine to preform at the homecoming game pep assembly on Sept.14, in addition to their Tuesday amd Thursday practices for football games.

“I’m really excited for the football games. We got a new football coach and I’m excited to see how the boys do this year. Also I’m really excited for the new club, the Goonies,” senior Brittni Hight said.



On Sept. 13, all three levels of volleyball will face Central. The Varsity record, as of press time, Sept. 5, is 0-3. Games begin at FHC at 6:00p.m.

“Our goal is to win, but when you have a young team our goals are different. Our goals are to get better every game and contend for conference and districts at the end of the season,” coach Robin Yuede said.


Girls Golf

With a record of 1-1, as of press time, Sept. 5. The Golf team prepares for a match against FZW on Sept. 12, at 3:30 p.m. at The Falls on Turtle Creek.

“Well this year, I’m not sure how I’ll do. But so far it’s starting out rough, but I really hope to work towards state this year. Since I made it to sectionals last year,” senior Ashley Butterfield said.