5 Things To Do Over Break

By sno

5 Things To Do Over Break

Over the fall break, here are some things to do so your body won’t turn to mush.

Sporting events-Over the break it seems as though the attendance to school sporting events goes down. If you still have that oozing school spirit for North over break, here are a list of some events going on. “I like to go to sporting events over break because it gives me something to do.” – Sophomore Jordan Short Wednesday 10/10 FR Boys Soccer 4:00-Home FCA Fields of Faith AUD @ 6:00-Home Thursday 10/11 Cross Country V Hazelwood Central Meet 4:00-Away Cross Country JV/V-Away Friday 10/12 V Football @ 7- Home

Halloween – Getting ready for Halloween is always a fun time. It is a good idea to get your costume ideas and makeup ideas ahead of time. Planning out your costumes ahead of time instead of doing it the night before will save you the headache, time, & possibly money if your costume is homemade.

Here are some costumes ideas for buying & making. “It’s important to get prepared for halloween early so your costume will be better than everybody elses.” – Junior Tommyshea Oats

Making- Glee costumes: Glee has become a popular tv show, being a glee character for halloween will only make you more popular. Zombie costumes: Everybody has been speaking about zombies, so why not be one for halloween. Twilight costumes: Twilight has a made a big hit for people of all ages, being a character from Twilight will give you just enough edge for halloween but won’t scare all the little ones.

Buying- Angry Birds costume Perry The Platupus costume Batman costume Bonfire – October is when the cold officially hits. So, what better way to warm up and hang out with friends than to have a bonfire. Bonfires are your time to hang out with friends, catch up on the new gossip, eat s’mores, and have a good laugh. Try and enjoy one before school is back in session. “I like bonfires because they’re super fun, and it’s easy to get started.” – Junior  CC Brown Movies – Going to the movie theater has always been a fun passtime for people of all ages. Eating popcorn and nachos and slurping slushies is also fun. Here are a few movies coming out over break. “I enjoy going to the movies over break because not everyone is on break, so it’s like the whole movie theater to myself.” – Junior Chelsea Priebe

Taken 2– Oct. 4 , Rate PG-13, This movie is about a former CIA and his wife are taken hostage by the father of a kidnapper. This is a action packed movie.

Frankenweenie– Oct. 5, Rated PG, A science experiment to bring his beloved dog Sparky back to life, only to face unintended consequences.

Sinister– Oct. 12, R, Found footage helps a true-crime write realize how and why a family was murdered in his new home, though his discoveries put his entire family in the path of a supernatural entity.

Your closet – Finally, the most important to do over break is to sort out all your summer clothes from your fall-winter clothes. Everybody knows that parents nag kids about this, so just get it out of the way now. Some ways to make this seemingly impossible task a lot easier is getting bins to put the clothes in and sorting your clothes into group such as jeans in a group, sweaters in a group, hoodies in a group, etc. “I really hate cleaning out my closet, but I know i’m going to have to do it, so I just get it out the way.” – Junior Dajah Lasenberry

Doing any of these 5 things over break will help make your break a success and you’ll have something to show for it when we start back up next week.