Policy On Contraceptives Should Be Less Extreme

By Ashley Flerlage

A solid middle ground between the nonexistant FHSD policy on contraceptives, and New York City’s overbearing policy is simply offering condoms for birth control. 13 New York City high schools began distributing the morning-after pill at the beginning of this school year, in addition to the already available condoms. Providing condoms, in addition to teaching abstinence, provides students with the best opportunity to protect themselves.

Having access to condoms allows students who are sexually active to decide in advance to protect themselves, but does not provide an alternative to doing so. By providing the morning-after pill, New York City schools are offering a back-up plan that basically says, “Don’t worry about making smart choices, we’ve got you covered.”

In addition, condoms are readily available to everyone, whereas the morning-after pill must be prescribed by a doctor to any person under 17.

FHSD does not offer any form of contraceptive to students, and according to district personnel, does not plan on offering any; they claim that teaching abstinence is enough.