FHSD lunchrooms experience new changes

By Jordan Bryson

About two weeks ago, Best Vending, a vending machine company in St. Charles, went to the Francis Howell high schools to make a new addition to the lunchrooms: credit/debit card swipes on the already-present food vending machines.
“A lot of people aren’t carrying cash anymore,” President of Best Vending David Williams said. “I think it definitely provides convenience.”
Despite the fact of no longer needing cash to grab a snack, any time a user swipes their card, they are charged an additional 10 cents due to it being a micro-transaction  or a purchase under $2 on a card.
“It’s the principle of the thing, that 10 cents kills me,” Finance Secretary Joan Bauer said. “I wouldn’t use those machines. I’m too conservative.”
Another change about a month ago in the District’s lunchrooms is the new, large, plastic red trays. FHSD tried a variation of them last school year with little success. However, the current lunch trays are a thick, hard plastic compared to to flimsy plastic last year’s were made of. Lunchrooms believe food spills will be minimized. The District sees this as a way to save money in the long run with the elimination of the standard styrofoam trays.
“The styrofoam ones were a lot easier,” LaVon Losciuto, FHN kitchen manager, said. “It’s harder for us, but they’re still better.”