Volunteer Knights Visit Oasis Food Pantry

By Sophie Gordon

On Nov. 16, the Volunteer Knights visited the Oasis Food Pantry to help ready the place for a large donation the next day.

“We wanted to help the Big Feast which is an organization that feeds St. Charles County families,” sponsor Jenelle Louis-Bauer said. “We went ahead and raised money through our Hat Day for the Big Feast, and then also found out that Oasis Food Pantry is actually a part of Big Feast, and they help donate, so that’s why we went to Oasis.”

The food pantry was expecting a large food donation from the Boy Scouts, so from eight a. m. until noon, members of Volunteer Knights prepared tables for the anticipated donations.

“Volunteer Knights decided to do this to help out and volunteer for people who are less fortunate than us,” junior Dajah Lasenberry said. “It was very interesting to be able to help people and be able to give some donations.”

In addition to preparing tables, Volunteer Knights also put previously donated food into boxes, separated clothing and cleared out trailers to prepare for food being brought in the next day.

“The girls made it quite interesting,” Bauer said. “We had a lot of fun. Just being with the girls, and them showing how much they really wanted to do this; they’re not looking for anything to give back, they truly wanted to do it. I can’t really pick a favorite part, just by seeing the girls and knowing that they’re doing something that they love was perfect.”

This was the first year that Volunteer Knights went to Oasis to help out, and members are eager to visit again.

“I would definitely go again because it helped me realize that there are people less fortunate than me,” Lasenberry said “It just made me feel like a better person.”