Soaped Up Rides

By Maddie Hiatt

The hot wax is bubbling, the vacuums are revving up to go and FHN students are ready for their shift. Country Club Car Wash currently employs about 30 FHN students. Some were hired from the work program, but it’s a common place among students to work because of the laid-back atmosphere. Senior Allie Lukefahr was hired two years ago.

She enjoys her job for many reasons. “You get paid more there than most teenagers,” Allie said. “It’s not minimum wage and we get tips. I like that it’s really laid-back, and you can make a lot of money.”

One thing FHN workers enjoy is that there are a lot of fellow students that work at Country Club. Because of this, junior Krista Burris, who was hired in April 2012, says enjoys the time she gets to work with some of her friends.

“I like it because then you don’t have that awkward getting-to-know-people period,” Krista said. “You know everyone pretty much and a lot of my friends work there too, so it’s fun.”

The managers, Tim Kummer and Steve Biele, may help make the job fun, but there is a downfall. It’s not always the most weather friendly job. Country Club Car Wash is opened daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and during the summer and winter,
there can be extreme weather. It’s the cold that Allie is not fond of.

“You feel like you can never put enough layers on to get warm,” Allie said. “We complain when it’s hot and when it’s cold. There is never a happy medium.”

While Allie may not like the weather, Kummer likes the relief the car wash gets when students in the work program come in. If participating in the work program, each student has to complete either 10 hours week to earn one credit for the semester or 20 hours a week to earn two credits.

“They really help me out,” Kummer said. “Since they come in at 12, they give me added relief, and they are a big help.” The managers like to have fun with their employees on a regular basis. Krista once asked off work to go hunting and Kummer, who is not a fan of hunting, wrote “deer slayer” next to Krista’s name on the schedule.

“The managers know everybody,” Krista said. “Even though so many people work there, they know everyone’s name.” According to Krista and Allie, the practical jokes and funny managers create a positive overall feeling at Country Club Car Wash.

“The job is so laid back and it’s fun,” Krista said. “You’re not like always stressed out. I think it’s a really good first job.”