Friday Knight Relays is Postponed

By Colleen Mccurry

JV Boys run the 100 meter dash in the mock meet on March 14. (submitted photo) (megan tanksley)

The 19th Annual Friday Knight Relays was originally scheduled for Thursday March 18, but was rescheduled to Monday April 15 due to a recent snowstorm. Athletes and coaches have mixed feelings about this change, but in the long run believe that it will have a positive effect on the meet.

“We couldn’t use the facilities for jumping and throwing even if we removed the snow,” Coach Gregory Hennenfent said. “The conditions that the pits were in were just not conducive for a proper meet. If we absolutely had to have the meet that day, we could, but it just would not have been the best.”

The team has been struggling all season to actually get outside on the track due to the weather. With cold temperatures, the coaches are hesitant to run practices outside due to the risk of injury from tight muscles. The athletes have been worried about being prepared for this meet in time, so they see it’s postponement as a positive thing.

“We haven’t had many times to go out and throw so we really aren’t as prepared as we were last year for track meets,” thrower Sherese Melvin said. “I think it will give me more time to prepare so I think it will be good.”

Regardless of when the meet is held, the athletes are looking forward to it. For many of the athletes, this will be their first chance to compete on the Varsity level.

“Friday Knight Relays is the biggest meet of the year for me,” pole vaulter Andrew Scherff said. “All my friends and family are coming to watch. I’ve always thought of it as a meet for the best of the best and now, after only watching for two years, I finally get to compete. I’m also excited because after doing well in my previous Track meet, I expect to PR at my next one.”