Track Star Expands His Horizons

By Logan Bergman

Brandon completes the Father’s Day Triathlon, this was first of the many he would compete in.

Junior Brandon Chac is a special kind of athlete at FHN. He doesn’t play football, or baseball, or soccer. He enjoys a completely different variety of sport all together. Chac participates in Triathlon competitions year round, whether they are indoor or outdoor. On top of his already rigorous training schedule he still finds time to run track and cross country here at FHN.

“I really enjoy running, cross country especially, but it’s also really nice to mix in the biking and swimming for a challenge,” Chac said. “Competing in a triathlon is a lot different than running a race on the cross country team or competing at a track meet.”

Chac competes at the Rec Plex triathlons, usually two outdoors at the rec plex, and he also competes in the indoor triathlons that they put on.

“I usually stay busy with track and cross country training regiments all year anyways, but then it is still important for me to remember to train my bike and swim times too. I usually do about 5 triathlons a year, plus my school running as well,” Chac said.

Chac has clearly demonstrated his love for running, seeing as how he is a returning veteran to Varsity, but he works extra hard to keep his swimming and biking times up.

“Running comes much easier to me, because I just do it more,” Chac said. “But I still have to train the other aspects. Usually I’ll ride my bike about 22 miles when I train, and swim a mile or two. All of this takes it out of me much more than my running schedule though.”

Chac plans to continue with his athletics in college, in some way, shape or form.

“I would love to continue running at least in college. It would be great to keep up with my triathlons as well, but I can definitely see myself running cross country or track,” Chac said.