FHSD Employee’s YouTube Video Goes Viral

FHSD District Computer Technician Jason Adams never expected a video taken of his daughter laughing two weeks ago would take off like it has with 2.4 million views and counting.

The video has been highlighted in the past week on everywhere from local news stations to the Today Show and even on the BBC in the UK.

“I think what surprised me the most was how quickly it happened,” Jason said.

On March 25, Jason, his wife Karen, their daughter Lucy and dog Lemay were going for a walk around their neighborhood in St. Peters after the heavy snowstorm. According to Jason, when Lucy was handed the leash, she would drop it and laugh hysterically. When this happened, Karen suggested Adam should film Lucy the next time she does this. This was Lucy’s first time trying to walk the dog so her laughter was completely unexpected.

After they got home, Adams posted this video on FaceBook for friends and family to see. When he was visiting Henderson Elementary, the staff suggested that he should upload this video to YouTube.

Things took off once that happened.

Adams received texts and Facebook messages from friends for permission to repost the video. Since then, hundreds of thousands of people viewed it by the hour.

“I posted this video without any expectations to share it with the world,” Jason said.

When Adam’s checked his profile on YouTube, he saw the video was even being viewed internationally in countries like Saudi Arabia and England.

“I’ve always wondered how viral videos start,” Jason said.

This experience led them to the answer. According to Jason, he and Karen believe the most popular videos have animals or children involved and this video has both. Jason looks forward to talking with Lucy about it when she is old enough to understand what happened.

“I’ve always been proud of the girl she is and people get to see what I see,” Jason said.