Greer and Birch Are New Assistant Principals For 2013-2014

By Aurora Blanchard

Even though Dean of Students Katie Greer was pictured in the First Day edition of the North Star as “a new face” at North this year, she was chosen to be a new assistant principal next year. (file photo)

Dean of Students Katie Greer McCluer North Assistant Principal Christopher Birch will be the new assistant principals for Francis Howell North High School in the 2013-2014 school year.

“I look forward to continuing to work with the great teachers, staff members, parents, and students that we have here,” Greer said.

The final decision was reached during a Board of Education meeting in closed session on April 4. The objective when choosing a new administrator, according to Executive Board member Steve Griggs, is always to choose someone who will be a good fit for North.

“I’m excited we get someone who has been here and experienced the school first hand, but we also get someone new who can bring some fresh ideas,” sophomore Alex Brice said.

Last week, six applicants for the Assistant Principal position were interviewed in the Learning Commons by a board of about 15 teachers, staff and parents in the Francis Howell North community. The candidates were evaluated and the evaluations were passed on to administrators. English teacher Shelly Parks, who was an interviewer on the board, believes it is important for candidates to undergo this interview process.

“I feel like you’re able to see if that person would be a good fit for North and through the interview process, you get a lot of different perspectives from staff and teachers at North,” Parks said.

ST2012016 (1)
McCluer North Assistant Principal Christopher Birch was chosen to be one of the new assistant principals for next year. At McCluer North, he organized a “Drive One 4 UR School” fundraiser to help raise money for Project Graduation 2013. The proceeds went toward senior scholarships and safe graduation activities for students at McCluer North. (submitted photo)