Pre-Prom Assembly will hit home for upperclassmen

By Jessica Olsen

This year’s Pre-Prom Assembly will be held Friday, April 19 during 7th hour

Prom assembly-105

for Juniors and Seniors. Every year, the upperclassmen listen to a different guest speaker, each telling a personal story of an event in their lives that happened due to the influence of a substance of some sort. However, this year’s speech will be a

little different from previous years. The guest speaker is expected to have much greater of an impact than before.

“The speaker has a connection to FHN,” TASC sponsor Dawn Jones said. “So that’s something that can make a little bit more of an impact.”

This year’s simulation will involve six students chosen by members of TASC. These members choose each participants based  on several aspects.

“We thought of students that would be good at acting serious and keep it on the DL.” Senior member Nathan Compton said.

Last year, inclement weather conditions affected the outcome of the Assembly. However, TASC was still able to execute a powerful message, using 24 students to demonstrate how many people get killed in a single school day due to drunk driving. TASC students believe they need to amp-up the shock factor this year.

“It’s definitely going to be something to remember,” Compton said.