Drama Club elections

By Megan Grannemann

The Drama Club elections took place right after school in the drama room on April 18. They had the elections to decide the officer positions for next year. Positions are President, Vice President, Secretary, and Historian.

“They went well I liked everyone’s speech they were very well prepared I think we have some very great candidates for next year,” Drama Club sponsor Jeff Tandler, said.

The drama club listening to the speeches of the candidates.
The drama club listens to the speeches of the candidates.

The election starts off by giving each candidate a chance to make a speech to the fellow members. The current officers call up each candidate running for the officer positions. The members listen to all the speeches.

“I hope things change a little bit because some of the people had really good ideas,” Lauren Tenenbaum, a sophomore, said.

After all the speeches are over, everyone records their votes on a slip of paper that has all the positions typed on it. If you are in an officer position you receive a plaque for each year that you’re in a position. Here are the officer positions for next year; the President is Brittany Steck , the Vice President is Kelsey Mcilroy, the Secretary is Joe Henke, and the Historian is Jessica Olsen.

“I think the new officers will start new and exciting things for drama club,” junior Joe Henke said.

The officers have many different responsibilities. President and Vice President run meetings and oversee everything. Secretary is in charge of thespian points which are points you get for participating in plays and shows. Historian is responsible for taking pictures and making the end of the year flag show.

“The officers do make a pretty big impact because their the role models for the rest of the group so hopefully they just give everybody something to look up to,” Kelsey Mcilroy, this year’s Historian, said.

Most members plan on being involved with the drama club for the rest of their high school career. Next year’s elections will be the class of 2015 and 2014 predominantly.

“I’m looking forward to seeing who out of the younger classes will come up and lead for the year after that,” Henke said.