Julia Carney balances art and acting to pursue her dream to be an actress

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juliaThe play: “Monsters in a Closet”

The setting: A sleepover at Hollenbeck Middle School, 2005.


The Cast

Mary…..Julia Carney


Get To Know The Cast

Julia Carney (Mary). This is Julia’s first debut in front of a large audience. She plays a small role, Mary, who ends up falling asleep at a sleepover when monsters appear. Julia was inspired to get into theater from a mix of attending all her brother’s middle school shows and her love of movies. One of Julia’s memories from the play was how scary it was when people would run around her while she was sleeping and how hard it was not to flinch.

Act I

Ever since senior Julia Carney took her big shot at theater eight years ago, she instantly fell in love. The feedback she received from her first show, “Monster in a Closet,” sparked her interest to continue to act. Plays she’s done at FHN include “Aladdin,” “Godspell,” “Brighton Beach Memoirs” and “High School Musical.” Her all-time favorite character she has played was Nora, from “Brighton Beach Memoirs.”

“It’s very exhilarating to not be yourself, even if it’s only for an hour,” Julia said.

Act II

According to her mom, Madge Carney, Julia has been into acting ever since she could walk downstairs. When they were little, Julia and her sister, Catherine Carney, would hang up old curtains and put on plays in their basement. When Julia acted in her first play in middle school, Madge was the obvious proud mom but did her best not to be a typical stage mom.

“I was proud of her,” Madge said, “it was obvious that she really enjoyed herself.”


Art has also been a huge part of Julia’s life. As a child, her dad would always take her to admire the art in art museums and both her parents encouraged her with her paintings. One year for Christmas she was given an easel and she would sit in the garage all day and paint, according to her mother. Julia’s favorite mediums to use are paint, water colors, fabric and tape for sculptures. Inspirations for art come from her dreams, political points she wants to make and recently studying schizophrenia.

“I don’t really think there’s been a favorite piece that I’ve done,” Julia said. “I’ve been really passionate about every painting I do, and I really love every series I do.”

Act IV

As Julia’s art has progressed over time, her mother has noticed that she has become more abstract and out of the box. Even as she has progressed, Julia has still kept a whimsical touch to her paintings. Her mother believes that credit should also go to her art teacher, Zach Smithey, for allowing her to explore her creativity.

Act V

In the fall of 2013, Julia will continue her journey and double major in art and theater at William Woods University (WWU). Julia chose WWU because of the five scholarships she received and her familiarity with the school. She received a performance (for art), lead, legacy, academic and an A+ scholarship. Because there are more opportunities for American actors to get parts in London shows, she hopes to intern for a semester in London. Julia’s ultimate goal would to be able to act in movies and paint on the side as a hobby.

“It appears all you ever want is for your child to be happy,” Madge said. “I hope that she finds friends that are great friends and opportunities that help her grow as a person and as a theater major and art major.”