Teacher Spotlight: Purple Pledge

By Sophie Gordon

Walking the halls of school, P.E. and driver’s education teacher Greg Hennenfent sports a purple shirt– something he’s vowed to wear every school day. “It isn’t that I want it to stand out, it’s that I just want
everybody to notice that I’m supporting the senior class,” Doc, who has taught at North for almost 20 years, said. “Purple just happens to be my favorite color, so it just kind of worked right in. That’s what made it easy, cause I love purple.” Currently, Doc is the proud owner of 22 purple shirts. His favorite is from Disney World and says “Howell North” at the top with Grumpy, from Snow White
and the Seven Dwarves, who says “I’ve had enough. Retirement 2014.” He also has a T-shirt specially made for his homeroom students. Each student has his or her signature on the back of the “Doc’s Homies” shirt, which was inspired by HIS saying, “It’s a great day in the Howell North hood.” “I think that’s pretty cool because he likes to go out in style,” senior Mike Wollenberg, one of Doc’s homeroom
students, said. “I like that he is celebrating the last senior class that he is ever gonna be a part of.