Chac Gets Loud


Brandon cheers on the girls varsity volleyball team. (ariel kirkpatrick)

Brandon Chac cheers the girls varsity volleyball team on. (ariel kirkpatrick)
Brandon Chac cheers the girls varsity volleyball team on. (ariel kirkpatrick)

Loud. This is the one word that senior Brandon Chac would use to describe himself. He’s always in the stands and is always one of the first to stand up and support his school. Brandon is a leader, not a follower.

“I always try to be the loudest one out there and the first one yelling for our team,” Chac said. “I think it’s important to show school spirit and pride in your school. I think when the athletes look up and see a big crowd in the stands, it keeps them motivated and positive especially when it’s a close game.”

Brandon attends almost every home game for every sporting event to show his school support. Because of Chac’s high spirits and dedication for school sports, he was recently named manager for The Goonies, a group of students who attend many sporting events to show their school spirit. Brandon is excited and has big plans for this year when it comes to The Goonies, school pride, and student participation at games.

I’m excited because I want to put the spirit back in the school,” Chac said. “I want to take us back to three years ago when we really packed  the stands.”

In order to achieve his goals, Brandon plans on using the twitter account @The_Goonies14, to push out more information about upcoming games, game themes, and other important information having to do with sporting events to boost attendance.

“I would love to see everyone jsut show up,” Chac said. “We always seem to never have students show up. Even if they don’t like the theme or the game that much, just show up and show your support. It really makes a huge difference.”

Despite whether or not others show up, Brandon is always in the stands and his presence doesn’t go unnoticed. Chac cheers until the very end and at the end of the night, if he goes home with a horse voice, he knows he’s done well.