Varsity Soccer Loses To Rival Central in First Round of Sectionals


Last night on Nov. 12, the varsity boys soccer team ended their district championship season by losing to rival team Howell Central 0-3 in the first round of sectionals.

Junior Ethan Hussey goes for ball in the air
Junior Ethan Hussey goes for ball in the air

“It was disappointing to lose 3-0 but overall it was a good end of the year but disappointing loss tonight,” junior Andrew Meyer said.

This game concluded their season with a record of 8-15 winning 5 of their last 8 games. Two of those wins came against Pattonville and McCleur North clinching their 18th district title and giving them a spot in sectionals which is the top 16 in the state.

“Overall the season was disappointing, we showed we could play in every single game but we found ways lose most games,” Head Coach Larry Scheller said. “But we built throughout the year and we did a lot of really really good things in the last three weeks and accomplished one of our goals winning districts.”

With winning districts, senior Keegan Fouch won player of the year throughout the whole Gateway Athletic Conference (GAC).

“It feels really good but I wouldn’t have done it without all of my teammates,” Fouch said.

Fouch has been on the Varsity team all four years and helped the team win three district titles in those four years.

“It makes me feel good and makes me feel like I accomplished something here at Howell North,” Fouch said.