Girls’ Varsity Basketball Season Preview

Girls' Varsity Basketball Season Preview

Head Coach Matt Watson addresses the team from a game from last year

On Nov. 6 the official varsity Lady Knights team was selected. 13 players in all, seven of them seniors and they all have played on varsity before more than once. An experienced team, and as head coach Matt Watson says, one with a promising season.

“I have higher expectations for them this year than before,” Watson said. “ We have a lot of experience and talent and I think there’ll be a different district and conference champ because of it.”

Varsity girls have been preparing long before the season started. They have playeda total of 70 games combined during pre-season and have had various workout sessions during the off-season. All of this along with practice during their season makes the ladies feel prepared to do well at their first game at the Orchard Farm tournament on Dec. 2.

“I feel prepared for this season because I think our team will work really well together this year and I’m excited to see how good we are,” sophomore Austine Pauley.

The teams strengths outweigh their weaknesses. This year, the varsity girls basketball team is more aggressive and much faster. Players feel like they get along much better than previous years and will be more successful because of it.

“We all work together as a team really well,” senior Jessica Moceri said. “ Last year we weren’t as good about that and we let the little things get to us and affect our game. I think that we have a much better chemistry this year and it’ll definitely make a difference.”

FHN’s varsity Lady Knights feel confident in their ability to do well. Players and coaches believe that this year’s team’s ability to work well together will lead to more season wins and a chance at winning districts.

“This year we are just more confident in the team’s capability of doing great. We have seven seniors to work together, and everyone else fits in perfect,” Moceri said. “Even though we get ahead of ourselves sometimes during plays, I don’t think it’ll make as much of a difference as it did last year because we will work together to overcome it.”