Annual North Street is Around the Corner

By Fionna Cruz

North Street, formerly known as Coffeehouse, is going to be held from Feb. 27 to Feb. 28. North Street is a chance for people to showcase their talent. Whether it is reciting

Senior Emily Klein performs at the 2013 Northstreet Coffeehouse. (file photo)
Senior Emily Klein performs at the 2013 Northstreet Coffeehouse. (file photo)

their own poems, or singing songs that they have written themselves or even doing a skit, all talents are welcome.

“I like being able to perform all day for my classmates and seeing how much people enjoy it,” junior and third time performer Lauren Tenenbaum said.

This event was started in 2004 by the previous head librarian, Sherri Pogue. The Learning Commons is in charge of the planning of North Street. StuCo was responsible for the production two years ago due to the Learning Commons being busy with the technology upgrade for the library. However, after the renovations, the Learning Commons took charge of the event again.

“We do North Street to celebrate poetry, reading and the arts in general,” Media Specialist, Angie Davis said.

Some of the performers who are making an appearance are junior Jillian Strickland, and senior Kelsey McIlroy. Fields is singing a song that is to be determined. McIlroy is hoping to sing an original song like she has done for the past three years. According to McIlroy, all of the students who are planning on taking part in the production are really excited.

“It’s just really fun,”McIlroy said. “I love performing and playing my music for everyone.”