Senior Athletes Sign to Play Collegiate Sports

At approximately eight a.m. today, February 6th, seniors Drake Kruep, Terry White and Daniel Goggin made their official signings to their colleges to play football. The official signing day was yesterday for the division one and two colleges, but because of the snow day this day got postponed until today. This is the first year FHN has had an official day for students having an official signing to their colleges.

“I am very proud of you guys for being able to play football in college,” Head Coach Brandon Gregory said during the signing. “Embrace this, not on the football field but also a great opportunity in life.”

Drake Kruep made his decision to attend McKendree College in Lebanon, Illinois on his second visit to the college. Some of the reasons Kruep chose this college is because it is  academically sound college and only an hour away from home, according to Kruep. His family is also proud and ecstatic to know that all of his hard work came through and worked out.

“Makes me feel accomplished to play football after high school, it’s a pretty big deal to me,” Kruep said.

Terry White decided to play football at Scottsdale junior college in Scottsdale, Arizona. This school is in the top four in the nation for the NJCAA division.

“I like that it has good weather and is far away from home to where I can work on develop myself as a man,” White said.

Daniel Goggin decided to attend and play football at Lindenwood Belleville in Belleville, Missouri. Goggin likes that this school is close to home and will also be receiving a scholarship that will cover about ¾ of the cost of the school.

“We are very proud of him,” Goggins’ dad Kevin Goggin said. “We knew he was capable his whole life and it’s good to see him follow through.”

Later at approximately 11:15 seniors Cole Donaldson and Megan Oostendorp also had their official signing. Along with Donaldson and Oostendorp another senior Erin Kelley will also be attending a college, Culver Stockton university, to play a sport but could not make it to the signing today.

“We (coaches) are always happy for them to get to the next level and play,” Assistant soccer coach Zachary Fettig said. “That is always our goal to get them to play at the next level and are hopeful for more to come.”

Megan Oostendorp will be following in her parents footsteps and will be attending Truman State University to play soccer. She will only be going there on a scholarship that covers half of the tuition.

“It’s awesome to be able to play soccer in college because I couldn’t imagine how it feels,” Oostendorp said.

Cole Donaldson will be attending Hutchinson Community College in Hutchinson kansas to play baseball. He will be going to school there on a full ride of tuition and books. “It’s a real nice feeling and I just can’t wait to get there,” Donaldson said.

David Prost decided to go to St. Louis Community college in Meramec, Missouri to the play baseball. He chose this school because the baseball team is solid and he is able to go there on a full ride.

“I feel great because baseball is my passion and I hope to continue play it,” Prost said.