10 Questions about Mr. FHN

By Sophie Gordon

Mr. FHN, the annual male beauty pageant, attracts a large audience each year. Put on by Student Council, this night features guys competing to see who has the most qualities like Mr. FHN. Most clubs have a male representative that participates in the pageant, and the money raised from the event is donated to charity. Student Council President Rowan Pugh talks about this year’s pageant.

Last year's Mr. FHN contestants participate in the group dance. At the beginning of the event, all of the boys perform a group dance. This year, the dance will be sport themed. (file photo)
Last year’s Mr. FHN contestants participate in the group dance. At the beginning of the event, all of the boys perform a group dance. This year, the dance will be sport themed. (file photo)

1. What role do you have in planning Mr. FHN?
I set up all the meeting days. Basically, I just set up all the dates of what is going to happen at Mr. FHN, and I help control the performers. There’s actually a committee for that and a committee head, but I help them. I watch over the process make sure everything is going smooth. I don’t really work with the performers that much, but I take their paperwork and keep track of what they are doing for the show just to make sure that things are school appropriate and run smoothly.

2. Who organizes Mr. FHN?
The Student Council officers as a collective group. We send out an email to the club sponsors and ask for one person, one guy, to participate in it to represent their club so that we can have more involvement, but the back side of it is mostly done by Student Council.

3. What is Mr. FHN?
It is a charity, male beauty pageant, but don’t be thrown by the word beauty pageant because I think guys think of that as not very manly. I would say it’s an event mainly to raise money for cancer awareness, and it’s of guys competing against one another to see who fits the teachers’ visions of Mr. FHN the best.

4. Who can participate in Mr. FHN?
Any guy that goes to our school. They can be from any grade, it doesn’t matter. But he has to be enrolled at our school. Even the guys that do the talent with someone who is participating in Mr. FHN, they have to be from our school.

5. What should guys do in order to participate in Mr. FHN?
They need to pick up an application and information sheet from room 133, sign the application that they understand the rules, and then just prepare a talent for us. They do not have to be associated with a club. The applications are due March 28, the Friday the week we get back from Spring Break. On that Tuesday and that Thursday, before and after school, are informational meetings.

6. When is Mr. FHN this year?
Mr. FHN is May 16. It’s later than we usually have it—we usually have it in April—but April was booked every Friday except for April 4, which is also the night of Friday Knight Relays, which meant most of the boys from track could not participate in or attend the show. There was May 16 or the next weekend, but we wanted to do it as early in May as possible.

7. What is new this year?
This year, every single boy will have to have a pickup line. In past years, it’s just been a question on Q&A that could come up, but this year, during the casual wear, the MC will ask them what their best pickup line is, and they will be judged on that as well.

This year, the charity will be the same as last year. It will be the American Cancer Society, and all of the money we raise from Mr. FHN will be donated at Relay for Life which is a relay walk at Timberland.

8. How can students prepare for Mr. FHN?
I would say, just donating to the different guys, supporting the guys and donating to the charity to help make Mr. FHN successful because that’s why we do it. We want to raise money for charity. Fundraising starts March 31.

9. Why should students be excited for Mr. FHN?
Students should be excited because we have a really good and funny group of guys forming and most of them are new from the previous years because last year’s participants graduated.

10. Anything else students need to know?
We’re doing a sports theme this year. All of the guys are going to represent a different sport of their choosing. If they came from a club, they wouldn’t be Mr. StuCo, they would be Mr. Whatever Sport They Play, Representing StuCo. And it all ties in with the dance that they will be performing at the beginning.