The Broprosal

By Jessica Olsen

The friendship between juniors Joey Henry and Stone Birkner extends past the two boys. Over the years after Joey and Stone met in the third grade, their families have become close as well. The Henrys and the Birkners get together every Christmas and Easter. However, this relationship always goes back to where it started: Joey and Stone. “It’ll be me and Joey and another friend,” Stone said. “Or, me and Joey and another new friend, or me and Joey and a different friend, but it’s always me and Joey.” The pair even plans on extending their relationship in the future. Although the two already like to pretend they’re married, Stone plans on “broposing” in the future once they graduate high school as a way to secure their friendship. “Some people think we’re actually together,” Joey said. “For real, some people think Stone and I are dating. The magical thing is, people don’t really know… Or do they?”