Tyler Heitmann Returns for His Junior Season


Last baseball season, junior Tyler Heitmann was out with a torn PCL (posterior cruciate ligament which is located on the knee). He tore his PCL by trying to slide head first into second base. Heitmann tried out again this year, and made varsity as one of the starting pitchers.

“Baseball is going good now that I can play,” Heitmann said.

Junior Tyler Heitman awaits the pitch
Junior Tyler Heitmann awaits the pitch

At the moment Heitmann has played about six innings, and had five walks in those innings. Heitmann’s ERA is about 9.95. The average ERA of a major league baseball player is around three or four.

“I was so excited because I missed all of last year, and because I was able to play again,” Heitmann said.

Heitmann went through two surgeries, as well as, six weeks of physical therapy twice a week. Overall, it took six weeks for him to recover, and three months to get back him into baseball.

“So far I think he has done well,” junior Steven Deckard. “The games he’s pitched have kept us in the games when we weren’t hitting to the best of our abilities.”

This season the Knights have had many close games, but have fell short with a record of 2-6. Their next home game is against Wentzville Timberland on March 15, at 4:15pm. In their GAC Division they are sixth, below Troy, Central, and Howell, but in the overall St. Charles Area district they are fourth.

“Overall, I think we need to start making routine plays on the field,” Heitmann said.