4-8 Spring Play: Harvey [Photo Gallery]

By Paige Martinez

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On Tuesday, April 8, the FHN Drama department held their last dress rehearsal before opening night on the following Thursday. In the two months between auditions and opening night, the entire crew and cast practiced every day of the school week except on Fridays. Harvey, which is about a man named Elwood P. Dowd, who sees a six-foot-one-and-a-half-inch rabbit named Harvey. When his sister, Veta, attempts to admit him into a mental hospital, things go wrong, and Veta finds herself as the one being admitted into the hospital. Elwood disappears shortly after the incident. In the process of trying to find Elwood, his family and doctors learn more about diversity and acceptance, and that Harvey might not all be in Elwood’s imagination. (photos by matt krieg)