Around the Halls: Painting II

By Jake Chiarelli

Ms. Knight’s Painting II class has the freedom and flexibility to be creative and decide what they want to paint. They usually have objectives that cover different styles of art and a certain subject to portray, but no strict guidelines as to how or what they paint. Today, Knight’s class is working on realism in their pieces. “We paint our feelings in a realistic sense,” junior Alex Bohnert said. “You have the freedom to express your ideas on paper for others to see.”

Knight’s class has worked on different styles of art, including realism, impressionism, and portraits. They are given objectives to use different subjects and techniques on nature, shadows, fruit, people, and shading. Students have one goal: incorporate their subject or style into the piece as they see fit. “I like that [Ms. Knight] gives us an objective but past that we have creativity,” junior Emma Gordon said.

Today, students work includes portraits, scenes of flowers and nature, and people. Most students were working on something different than the others, and all had a personal style about their paintings. “You have independence to pick what you want to paint,” sophomore Autumn Halaney said. “Even though it’s a set topic, it’s your thing.”