Jazz Band Holding Second Dinner Concert

By Ashley Zurosky

The second jazz band dinner concert will be held on Thurs. May 1st at 7 p.m. Located in the Commons, the jazz bands of FHN and Barnwell Middle School will perform at the dinner concert together tonight. The cost to attend the concert is $10 per person.

Students perform in front of their friends and family at their dinner concert. (File Photo)
Students perform in front of their friends and family at the dinner concert (file photo).

“I am looking forward to the jazz dinner concert because we finally get to play for fun instead of playing to get judged at competitions,” sophomore Mathew Vishy said.

The purpose of the performance is to give the middle school students something to work towards in high school. Swing, ballad, blues, and funk music will all be featured. With all the money raised, jazz band teacher Jeff Moorman plans to either put it towards jazz education or jazz scholarships.

“Not only is this a dinner concert, it is also a fundraiser for jazz band,” Moorman said. “We are either supporting jazz education for our students by giving scholarships to jazz camps in the summertime, or go on field trips to  jazz festivals. It all depends on how much we make.”

For the dinner concert for jazz band,  Moorman selected all the songs that will be played. Either way, the group of trumpeters, trombonists, saxophonists, pianists, drummers, and bassists just hope that it will be a great turnout like it was last year.