Heat Affects FHN Activities and Students

By Jake Chiarelli

Autumn Todd, Chase Meyer, Jacob Lintner and Kyle Cuppy contributed to this story.

Softball vs FZW on Aug. 25 (photo by abby temper)
Softball vs FZW on Aug. 25 (photo by abby temper)

Heat brings a lot of problems when it comes to sports and activities around FHN. Not only has it caused games to be

delayed and rescheduled, but some games and activities have been completely canceled. Administrative Assistant of Activities Arlene Kearns says the heat has caused a lot of schedule changes concerning school sports and activities, but it’s for the best.

“It causes a lot of extra work, and I know it’s hard on the kids and the parents to, especially with the heat, but it’s just too exhausting to your body to be out there,” Kearns said. “You think of football with all of the pads they wear, they probably get the worst of it.”

Some of the activities that have been rescheduled or canceled include Softball, Football, Soccer, Cross Country, Marching Band and others. Some sports had to be moved inside to avoid the heat. Others like, JV Football, which was canceled, won’t be rescheduled. Cross Country moved practice to 6:00 a.m. on the track, to avoid the afternoon’s high temperatures.

“The way we’re working around the heat right now is the best possible solution for us,” Cross Country runner Cameron Landers said. “It maintains our safety so we don’t have to be out in the blazing sun.”

Rescheduled or canceled games may affect upcoming meets, games or events, and may cause students to be less prepared, but those changes may also keep students safer. If too many games or practices are canceled for some sports, they may have to be rescheduled for alternate days including Saturdays, if needed.

“We have to try to make sure that we get enough time outside,” Assistant Band Director Paul Ahlemeyer said. “It’s the one thing you can’t control. We just have to roll with the punches.”