Girls Tennis Faces Holt and Gets Ready for GACs

As the Girls Tennis season comes to a close, the team will play their second to last home game against Holt this Thursday at 3:30 p.m. The team has had a great season so far, and they hope this game doesn’t hurt their 14-1 record. North doesn’t necessarily have any rivals on the Holt team, which is beneficial to the team’s goal of succeeding at GACs next week.

“Holt isn’t the most difficult team, but we still have to give our all and do our best to represent our team,” said Yuri Takenaka, number two on FHN’s varsity team.

This Thursday’s game is also the Girls

Senior Rachel Mecklenburg goes for a ball at her match.
Senior Rachel Mecklenburg goes for a ball at her match. (photo by

Tennis senior night. The team has four seniors, three of which are on Varsity and have been playing since freshman year. One of the seniors and the team’s number one player, Risa Takenaka, is sad to graduate and leave her friends, but she’s excited to hopefully take back her state title this year.

“I’m super sad about our seniors leaving,” said junior Madi Oostendorp. “We’ve all become really close friends and we hang out all the time, so it’ll be sad without them on the team next year.”

The team ends their regular season this Friday. Next week starts GACs for the Varsity team. They use their less difficult matches, like Holt, to the best of their advantage. The girls try their hardest in order to get the best practice for the upcoming tournament. The other teams playing in GACs seem to be tough, but the team is staying positive with their excitement and motivation.

“We just work hard and stay focused,” said Coach Kate Kleiber. “That’s the key: to stay focused. Hit every ball with purpose.”