9-29 V Softball vs Pattonville (Photo Gallery)

By Abby Temper

On Monday Sept. 29 the Varsity Lady Knights softball team played the
Pattonville Pirates. The Knights came through with a victory against
Pirates. The final score was 7-3.
“I think we did very well for losing a lot of games and not hitting
well we really brought it back and hit very good today,” said player
Andee Charleston.
The Pirates scored their first run in the first inning. The Pirates
also scored twice in the seventh inning. The Knights also scored their
first run in the first inning. The Knights also scored in the third
inning. The Knights scored their winning runs in the fifth inning. The
next Varsity Knight game is Tuesday Sept. 30. The game will be away.
This was the Varsity Knights last home game.
“We can improve by making sure we don’t make any more errors in the
field and make sure we don’t leave anyone else on base,” said

Pictures by (abby temper)

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