Sports Briefs: October 2014

By Daniel Bodden

Varsity Soccer On a Roll: Brief by Daniel Bodden

Varsity Boys’ Soccer’s current record, as of press time, is 9-6 as a result of the team winning their past six out of seven games. The team has been working to improve their first half play because their opponents have scored first in almost every game they’ve played this season.

“We’re working on putting together a full 80 minute game,” Head Coach Larry Scheller said. “In the first half, we struggle. We are working to become faster and play with intensity for the entire 80 minutes.”

The team will face FZW in tomorrow night’s game. The Knights played against FZW earlier this season and beat them 3-1. Outside Midfielder Drew Baker is confident the team can secure another victory tomorrow night to improve their record and move within reach of Districts..

“We’re a better team than when we played them the first time,” Baker said. “Our defense keeps up with the best teams’ offenses in the state. We are also finishing and scoring, and taking good shots.

Girls’ Golf Advances To Sectionals: Brief by Jake Chiarelli

Girls Golf qualified and played at districts on Sept. 28-29. Five girls qualified for sectionals. The girls who made the All-District team and placed for sectionals were Julia Kaminski, who shot a 97, Maleya Schmidt, who shot a 95, Hannah Willett, who shot a 105, and Jessica Qian, who shot a 96. Briana Schmidt, who also qualified for sectionals, sank a 25-yard chip shot that was critical to her making it to sectionals. As a team, the girls placed third overall at districts. Sectionals took place starting on Monday, Oct. 6, and concludes today. Results were not available as of press time.

Swinging Towards a Better Future: Brief by Jamie Hetlage

Senior and a player for the FHN Varsity softball team, Kayla Ruiz is starting to think about her future with softball in college. At the moment, she is thinking about attending University of California, Los Angeles because of their well known sports teams They are also a Division I school.

“Softball means everything to me,” Ruiz said. “ I basically give all my free time to it.”

Ruiz’s motivation is to keep practicing, playing and improving her skills so one day she can become a professional softball player. She is fairly confident in gaining her dream and seeing where her skills take her. She plans to achieve her dream by strengthening her throwing arm, playing as hard as she can at every moment and coming through with tough plays when he team needs her.

“She’s very tenacious, very aggressive, and that leads to being a good player,” senior Matt Dunn said.

Kayla has been playing softball for around 12 years and has loved it ever since. She plays softball most of the year, playing in the summer for a select team, the Royals, and playing for FHN during the fall season.

Kayla knew from the beginning that she wanted softball in her life for a long time and plans to continue to play the sport in the future.

“I am willing to do whatever it takes,” Ruiz said.

Runners Get Patriotic: Brief by Jamie Hetlage

The sophomore boys of the cross country team have been bonding through sporting some new athletic shorts that may be a surprise. They wear not only short shorts, like most of the boys on the team, but they wear American flag short shorts during practices.

“They’re pretty weird but cool at the same time,” sophomore Andrew Santel said.

Former runner and FHN graduate Brandon Chac wore American flag shorts the year before, along with many other crazy styles. His little brother sophomore Bryan Chac thought he and the other sophomores should wear them too.

“It was just a fun thing we decided to do with all the sophomores on the team,” Bryan said. “My brother always had some crazy shorts and he graduated last year, so we decided to continue the tradition.”

With this new tradition the sophomores hope not only for a good season, but to also get closer as a team. This tradition is a way for them to have fun during the season ahead. From this, the team pushes forward and works together.

Looking Ahead: Brief by Jamie Hetlage

On Oct. 17 the Varsity football team will be playing their last game before playoffs against the Washington Bluejays at 7 p.m. at Washington High School.

“Our biggest challenge when playing is our mindset,” linebacker Jarret O’Brien said. “ As long as we are strong mentally, nothing will stop us.”

They are preparing both mentally and physically by watching films of the other team’s techniques and plays. The team believes they can win, especially if they beat Washington, like they did the year before. They’re hoping to get a good seed into playoffs, and play their hardest from there on out.

“I believe we are going to place,” Head football Coach, Brandon Gregory said. “At this point we need to get it done or it’s not going to happen.”