Los Cabos: A Mexican Restaurant Experience

By Michal Basford

As I walked in, I immediately notice the large rug saying ‘Los Cabos’ along with the same sombrero that appears on the sign by the road. To the left is a bar area with stools at the bar along with some tables. To the right is the main seatingLos Cabos Cantina area with lots of tables and booths. Next to the hostess stand is a wooden bench seating area where you can wait to be seated. A waiter will take you down a little pathway-like ramp to the main seating area. The tables and chairs are wood. Towards the middle of this seating area is a fountain. Some Mexican restaurants “American-ize” their food far too much. Others are authentic to the point it’s not the best food. While yet others are in a happy medium.

Los Cabos, located on Jungermann Road, has a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The tables are spaced well with enough room to maneuver around. The fountain towards the center of the main seating area was a nice touch. It looks very much like a Mexican restaurant with the wooden tables and chairs along with the decor along two of the sides with other seating.

The waiters are very kind and helpful. They are very patient and helpful as the ordering process takes place. They’re good about making sure there’s always enough to drink. They check on the table frequently, asking how the food is, any refills needed, getting chip and salsa refills as needed.

The food is good. I got a BBQ Steak Fajita. It came with salad, fried beans, and cheese rice. There was a couple options with the BBQ fajitas; there’s the option of chicken or steak. The meat was tender with plenty of flavor. The bacon and onions were added into it and added more flavor, making the dish more interesting to eat. If you’re a picky eater, double check to make sure there isn’t something you won’t like in it, like onions for example. It had good flavor and texture and didn’t seem over or under cooked.

All in all, it’s a good place to eat. I highly recommend this to those seeking a New Mexican restaurant to eat at.