Specialty Drinks in Time for the Christmas Season

By Michal Basford

Students wait in line to purchase drinks on Coffee Friday

Since last year, Mocha Mint and Cocoa Mint have been sold for $2 in December on Coffee Fridays and are making an appearance again this year.

“[I hope for] elation because it’s happy and excited all together,” Epsilon Beta Sponsor Angie Davis said. “I hope the elation drives them to make many purchases in support of our fundraiser for Epsilon Beta.”

Each of the mint drinks available will have whipped cream and a little candy cane with it. Students can purchase this through finals, Dec. 19.

“I like the Cocoa Mint and Mocha Mint idea since it’s coming out on Friday,” Epsilon Beta Vice President Som Singh said. “I personally like it a lot. I think it’s gonna be a pretty good sale.”

This year, Epsilon Beta members sign up to set up, sell and clean up. There’s two members for each, and sometimes, it’s the same two working multiple times for the same Friday. The sponsors Angie Davis and Tara Willen help with sales in the morning to help things run more smoothly. Another change this year is that coffee is only sold in the morning before school instead of all day. New specialty drinks have been added this year as well.

“It’s a little bit less stressful for sure because we’re only selling it before school, but that can make before school really crazy because that’s the only opportunity students have to come in and buy from us,” Willen said.

The plan is to add more specialty drinks in the coming years, instead having a different specialty drink every month or every other month.

“It’s really nice [volunteering to help] because you have so many new people you get to meet and hang out with, but, at the same time, you get to sell coffee for the benefit of the school,” Singh said.